Whatever your commercial real estate needs in Calgary, our friendly and professional team is here to help you from start to finish. Explore our full range of services including brokerage services, development services and advisory services.

  • Calgary retail brokerage services

  • Brokerage Services

    Landlord Representation

    Working on behalf of a landlord and/or development group we strategically market your property in order to bridge the gap between finding the right tenant and satisfying your ownership objectives. Our exclusive focus on the retail sector provides us with a solid understanding of the current trends and existing gaps in the retail market. This knowledge is then used to ensure we secure the right tenant to capture your vision, provide consistent income and add value to your property.

    Tenant Representation

    Signing a lease is one of the most important documents of a business process. Following the principle that location is everything, a lease can ultimately provide your brand with recognition. It can unite your employees and clients for greater productivity and conversely greater returns. The terms you choose can provide you with the flexibility you need to grow your business. Our expertise is available to you as a resource in facilitating your ventures.

    Restaurant Representation

    Over the past few years the Calgary restaurant scene has quickly has developed into one of Canada’s leading restaurant markets. Our extensive experience and passion for the industry means we understand your needs as well the demands of the consumer. We know who your competitors are and how we can best support your concept. By understanding your goals and products, we will help you accurately identify your target market and pinpoint your ideal location. Our deep connections within the industry provide us inside knowledge creating an advantage while competing for favored space and negotiating terms that match your business model.


    Urban and high-street retail real estate is an evolving concept that requires a sophisticated understanding of the trends and niche market. With our international retail network, thorough understanding of the local market, and our solid connections within the community, we can help you find that top exposure location you need to build your business. If you’re a developer looking to create a desirable retail center, we know what tenants are looking for and how to market your space effectively.

    Lease Renewals

    Lease renewals are equally as important as signing your original lease however are not usually treated as such. It is not uncommon for tenants to overlook their lease renewal dates and get stuck with a rate that is much higher than the one that could have been negotiated with proper representation. Allowing us to represent you will ensure you a smooth renewal process and get you the best possible rate for your space.

    Investment Sales

    We offer full investment services for your retail real estate needs. We have superior knowledge of capital markets and the experience to provide you the information you need to make the best real estate decisions. As a property owner interested in selling, we have the knowledge of which investors are active and looking to expand their profile. Your property will be exposed to top investors to ensure maximum return while we minimize possible risks. If you are looking to acquire an investment property, we can assist you in identifying profitable options, deliver sound advice, and provide due diligence to ensure a successful execution of the transaction.

  • Commercial property development in Calgary

  • Development Services

    Retail Development/ Green Field Sites

    Being a full-service retail team we are here to assist with all aspects of the development process. From predevelopment planning stages, site selection, land use, financial feasibility, design, contractor negotiations, market planning and lease negotiations, we are actively involved and by your side from start to finish. We take a sophisticated and calculated approach to tenant placement that will maximize revenue potential while optimizing the value of your development. Our main goal is to help you create a long-term profitable asset.

    Retail Redevelopment and Merchandising

    If you have an older, mismanaged, non or underproductive retail asset, our redevelopment and merchandising services can help you reposition your asset to increase its revenues and profitability. Our experience in retail redevelopment provides us with the tools and capabilities to assess any shortcomings of your tired asset and provide you with an extensive redevelopment plan to reinvigorate the site and help you transform your underperforming asset into a profitable one.

  • Calgary Alberta commercial real estate advisory services

  • Advisory Services


    We offer consultancy services for companies and/or individuals looking to restructure or reevaluate their real estate holdings. We cover the full spectrum of valuation processes whether it be for a group of larger portfolios or a single property evaluation, helping you make better real estate decisions.

    Research Services

    With accurate customizable research we can provide you a better and clearer picture of your area of interest. The following are examples of what we are able to generate for you:

    • Comparative Analysis: Having market comparables gives you the upper hand in negotiating. By conducting a comparative market analysis, we are able to reference similar asset transactions which would then allow for an estimated assessment of the property’s worth.
    • Demographics: Information such as the population, age, education level, marital status and population growth trends of an area that can help you pinpoint your ideal location.
    • Heat Maps: Used to identify population concentrations, income variance, and diversity.
    • Location/Aerial Maps: Aids in localizing a particular building or land parcel from all angles.
    • Land titles and ownership data: Ability to pull up owner information for any particular lot to ensure correct owner information and current/historical caveat status.
    • Client X-Ray: Provides an overview of a company that includes sales records, operations, business models, philosophy and management.
    • Assessments: Can provide you with the assessed value of a property.