Building Trust with Your Client

Building trust with each individual client is an essential part of the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. For most individuals and businesses, real estate transactions are one of the biggest financial they will make. Even renting commercial real estate represents a long-term financial investment that can impact the success of the business.

This only way to ensure successful financial transactions when buying, selling, or renting commercial property is to build a trusting relationship with each client. Building trust with individual clients is like bricks that are used to build a building. Each time you earn a client’s trust is like laying another brick. Over time, you build up your reputation as a trustworthy CRE broker or agent.

How can you build trust with your client to give your CRE brokerage a secure foundation? Here are 4 ways to earn your client’s trust.

1. Use testimonials

Testimonials aren’t just a way to brag about your great past achievements. Testimonials can help to give your business a measure of transparency. They allow potential clients to review your past work and examine your performance.

2. Be professional

Remember, that first impressions last and your communication with potential clients will help to build trust if it is done professionally. Don’t use CRE jargon or buzzwords, but keep communication brief, to the point, and relevant. It is also important to use good grammar in any email communication.

3. Be punctual with appointments

Nothing can do more to erode trust than a CRE broker or agent not being punctual with appointments. From promising to call a client back within a certain time to arranging deadlines for transactions, punctuality will boost client trust. So, if you say that you will call in 2 days, make sure and do that. If you have an appointment to meet a potential tenant at a certain time, be there a few minutes early.

4. Get feedback

You can do much to gain the trust of your client if you ask them for honest feedback. This allows the client an opportunity to speak about concerns which he may have been hesitant to do so before. In doing so you can help prevent problems from building up. When your client feels like you are working together in a team, you will gain their trust and your reputation will grow.